The Science Botanical cannabis has been used for therapeutic purpose, in various cultures across the world, for thousands of years, however, its safety and efficacy have not been demonstrated to the level required for a drug approval. There is a growing body of basic science and clinical research assessing the risks and potential benefits of the use of cannabis and cannabis constituents. Health Canada has issued a summary of the scientific literature to inform stakeholders on the use of cannabis for therapeutic purposes. Please see Health Canada's "Information for Medical Practitioners".
Who can complete my
Medical Document Form?
Physicians across Canada are able to complete the Medical Document on behalf of their patients.

Nurse Practitioners, as regulated by their respective provincial authorities, are also permitted to endorse a Medical Document. However, in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, the North West Territories, and Nunavut, the provincial regulatory agencies do not allow Nurse Practitioners to prescribe controlled substances.

CannTx does not provide referrals.
How much can I order? Under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations, patients are permitted to order a 30-day supply, up to 150g, based on the quantity specified in your medical document. If the 30-day supply stipulated in your medical document exceeds 150g, another order must be placed for the balance of the monthly allotted amount.
Which strain is right for me? Cannabis contains over 80 different cannabinoids, of which a relatively small number have been assessed for their pharmacological properties. Beyond just CBD and THC, other cannabinoids have demonstrated bioactivity. Research is currently underway in an effort to understand how these compounds may contribute to the potential therapeutic properties of cannabis. However, it is well understood that THC and CBD have very different effects and a discussion with your health practitioner may assist you in determining what chemical composition of cannabis may be most appropriate. CannTx does not make any representations or claims regarding the efficacy of cannabis in any particular health context.
Is my cannabis
covered by insurance?
Patients have successfully made claims to cover the expense of cannabis therapy as part of accident benefits settlements. Veteren's Affairs will cover the expense for members in some circumstances. The cost of your cannabis can also be claimed on your taxes as a medical expense. Some private medical insurers may also provide coverage. Contact your insurer to see if your plan qualifies.
How does CannTx protect
my privacy and medical information?
CannTx treats each client's information in accordance with PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act). CannTx will only communicate with yourself, your physician, or your designated representative in relation to your personal information. Your information remains confidential except as required by law. Specifically, the MMPR mandates that CannTx must respond to inquiries on behalf of Canadian law enforcement agencies and semi-annual reporting to Healthcare Licensing Authorities. This information includes authorized dose and period of use.